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if some says " i only associate....?

if some says, "i only associate with positive people", Does that mean they only talks to positive people?, or does that mean their work circle is only made up of positive people? if you could snap your fingers and alter your behavior to only associating with positive people would that mean you ignore people who aren't positive?, or is it just based on your work circle? or people in business together.

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  • i can understand that mindset, no one wants a person who is always negative around.

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    Please ask cheerfully to figure this one out?

    It has me baffled.


    Very Best Wishes


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    It could mean the person prefers positivity both in a work setting and outside of work, avoiding the drama negative people tend to bring with them.

  • It could mean that they don't associate with negative people and that's pretty negative.

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    do not

    associate with....

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