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Where can I get this specific jacket?

Does anyone know the specific website or name of jacket this is with that specific design?

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  • 8 months ago

    You can order new at many sporting goods shops - especially those that serve a nearby school.......many universities sell theirs at their campus stores.

    You could find similar styles on Amazon or other online venders but if you want a real school jacket, search on eBay (mostly used ones in various conditions, but they will be real school jackets not some fashionista version). Search eBay for something like " jacket "leather sleeves" (varsity,letterman,"high school",college) ". There are usually hundreds listed at any time to pick through. That style jacket is usually sold by size (ie 38,40, 42 etc rather than M,L,XL. Those jacket are extremely durable, made with wool body, quilted lining and heavy thick leather sleeves .. . but a used one may have had long, heavy use. Cheaper versions have vinyl or PVC sleeves: stay away from them as the synthetic material deteriorates with age.

    Source(s): Yes, I have several that I purchased used on eBay: colorful, stylish and warm - fun to wear.
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  • Mike
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    8 months ago

    They're called Varsity Jackets

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