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Windows. I have received an email from Windows (?) warning me that they will no longer support W.7 from January next year and urge?

switching to W.10 (at a cost of £119 UK) and further that although Windows 10 will work, it's not advised to use a computer older than 3 years for this, and to buy a new one. THERE'S NOTHING WRONG with my current computer and NONE of this is affordable for us. It also urges backing up existing files which I have no idea how to do. What's this about?


@ YKhan How do I find whether I can still upgrade to W.10 if I did it before (and went back to W7) for free?. Sorry do be so clueless.

Update 2:

My computer is a desktop, Lenovo and I use W.7 Professional If that matters.

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    I know people who still use XP and its support ended YEARS ago

    When Microsoft says support will end, they are referring to the updates they send down monthly to update/fix issues on the operating system

    The way you need to approach this is the same way we approach this every time an operating system is put out to pasture for retirement: you keep using the OS until it reaches a point that it will no longer function at all for you. Eventually hardware manufacturers will stop legacy support for Win 7, but that is YEARS away post-end to Microsoft support. There is no need to go into some sort of panic mode because as long as your computer will continue to function and do what YOU NEED (not what somebody else might need) then you are fine. Make sure your anti-virus and anti-malware programs stay updated, but you need to do that anyway even if your OS is current.

    Bottom line: you do not "have" to upgrade to Win 10 unless, or until, your Win 7 will no longer do what you need it to do.

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      Sean is correct. Highly recommended upgrading to Win 10. An AV will most likely not prevent exploits that get found after Jan. And simply visiting a website can trigger an exploit.

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    What it boils down to is what happened to most previous versions of Windows at the end of their run. They will no longer make security updates, and most hardware makers will stop writing drivers for the OS..

    You can still upgrade to Windows 10 free just google upgrade to windows 10 free

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    So what. Doesn't mean you can't still use it. Microsoft does that to make money. . they don't care that the quick planned obsolescence hurts people. What if automobile manufacturers only serviced cars that 3 years old or newer?

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    Only means MS will no longer be supporting Win7, you can use it till it dies or gets so obsolete it becomes useless.

    I still use Win7 on a laptop, it won't support Win 10, so just use the Win 7 until death.

    IF your computer will support Win 10, you can upgrade any time you like.

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    It is true that come mid January of 2019 MS will no longer support Windows 7. That does not mean that Windows 7 will stop working or anything after that date. It just means that MS will no longer be created updates and patches for it. If they follow their past history, they may continue to offer "emergency" patches such there be a bad virus outbreak or something as long as over 25% of business continue to run on Win7.

    As long as you have a third party virus scanner on your PC and keep it up to date, it should be "safe" to continue to run Windows 7 for another couple of years. You will also want to STOP using Internet Explorer and install Chrome and/or Firefox for your browser. Those will continue to be updated so they will keep your PC safer. Also MS will no longer being support on IE (even on Win 10 machines) so more and more sites will not longer be designed to work with it.

    Windows 10 actually has lower requirements that Windows 7. It will run on any computer that is able to run Windows 7. If the computer is more than 3 years old, there may not be hardware drivers for some of the devices in the computer. But Windows 10 has some excellent generic drivers that are able to run 99% of hardware that is available. You might lose some advanced features on some of your hardware. (I have it running on a seven year old laptop.)

    Microsoft is no longer offering the free upgrade to Windows 10. That was a limited offer at the release of Win 10 to force enough people on to it that other vendors would be willing to create drivers and software for Windows 10. You will now have to buy a copy.

    If your PC meets your needs, there is no reason to update it.

    The email is just an advertisement from someone who wants to sell you a new computer. It is not from Microsoft. So ignore it.

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      Yes Southpaw - the message says January 14

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       Hi Verulam. Keep in mind that Youtube can be Your best friend when trying to learn about computing. Especially things like backing up a system or files.

       I'll add a link to cover learning to back up files at the end of My reply.

      As stated in a comments elsewhere here, I fully prefer Win7 against Win10, & still use systems with Vista & XP as far as hardware goes, but with a bootable linux OS on CDR / DVDR to boot with when I want to go online with a current & secure web browser that can handle all new webpages.

       I use Puppy linux on DVDR, open session when it was burned (don't select "close disc"),

    & boot into Puppy's first option.

       From there I can use any Dual core CPU system with 2Gbs of RAM & still stream video at good quality on a 15.6" screen laptop for hours straight.

       This option has avoided viruses for years, & will continue to run clean & free without viruses for a few more years. I also update y browser regularly & the system saves the updates onto the DVDR.

       Next time they release a newer version of the OS kernel I simply download it & burn another 20 cents (US$) CDR.

       Here's another very useful link, as a starting point for copying Your existing computer to work the same under Windows 10 while You get used to it if You do decide to upgrade.


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      Thanks - I am still very lacking in 'computer language' but have now decided that although I did load W.10 when it was free but uninstalled it in favour of going back to W7, so W10 should be free, I'm going to wait until well into next year before reacting!!

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    Windows 7 will work for a long time after they stop supporting it. I still use XP one one of my computers and there are only a few sites that it doesn't work on and they are ones that I never use anyway. Use common sense about the sites that you visit and you should be OK.


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    You can still use Windows 7 after January 2020. It will work just as it does now. You will not get future updates because there won't be any. You do not have to change computers.

    The problem will be that, as the programs you use get updated, they will become less and less compatible with Windows 7. For reasons of economy and security, web sites with which you are registered will start to require you to use a later operating system to continue to use their services.

    Backing up your files just means copying them onto a USB stick or an external hard drive or some other memory device. You should do this anyway, regularly or you risk losing everything if your computer dies. You don't need to back up programs if you have the original discs or if you can download again them from the internet but you do need to back up personal files you have created.

    I have recently, reluctantly switched a five year old Windows XP self-build computer to Windows 10 and it works faster than it did before. I don't like Windows 10 or the loss of the kind of control I had under Windows XP, but it works. Where my old, expensive programs are no longer compatible, I have downloaded free open-source alternative like Open Office or Libre Office.

    A PC service guy I know says that the product key for legal copies of Windows 7 are *sometimes* being accepted to activate an upgrade to Windows 10. Since Windows 10 can be downloaded free (you just have to pay for a licence), it is possible the upgrade might not cost £119 (There are cheaper options on-line but I cannot vouch for them)

    You do not HAVE to do anything but circumstances will probably make it necessary to upgrade in future.

    • Hi. The Win10 download is free with or without buying a license.  According to techies the download works without a key in "continued trial mode" with features disabled past the 30-day trial.
      I still say go linux / Win7 combination.

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    That is correct. Microsoft support for Windows 7 will end next year. HOWEVER you can still continue to use it.

    Whoever told you Windows 10 will not work on PC's older than 3 years is WRONG. I have windows 10 running on a PC that is FIVE years old.

    Backing up existing Files is something everyone should know how to do.

    You Purchase an EXTERNAL Hard Drive and COPY your Documents, Pictures, Videos, and Music to the External.

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      @Bill-M Unfortunately when we first had a computer, I had to pretty much learn as I went so there are significant gaps, like backing up files, in my computer education. I KNOW I should know how do to this, but fact is, I don't so I need help, not criticism.

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