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Why am I such an irresponsible 20 year old girl?

I can’t sleep ever (I go to bed at 4 am and start Alarms  from 9am to 12pm) get out of bed some how at 1pm, eat breakfast and catch the bus 2:30pm for my 4pm class (I have to do these times cuz location of bus etc and my class is 40 ish mins away or more) 

Anyways then I can’t cook, I can’t do my chores, my rooms a mess, 

My dad tells me to eat on a daily

It triggers his blood pressure 

I feel like garbage cuz of that  so I eat 

I’m not skinny or fat, I used to be more skinny now I’m gaining weight because of my poor food choices or lack of =bloating 

Anyways exams are coming up and I’m stupid and I don’t want to get kicked from my program

For the first time in my life I felt like I  belonged at a work place, and I quit because I couldn’t manage my hw time 

I hate myself so much 

I wish I was better

I wish I wasn’t a constant disappointment 

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    Most of this goes back to your inability to sleep at a normal time. You need to find out why. If you could get up at a decent hour, you could do your chores, clean your room, do your homework, etc. before you had to leave for school. As it is, the only thing you accomplish all day is going to 1 class. There's no point in setting alarms every hours from 9 to 12. All that does in interrupt your sleep. Try setting only 2. One at 11 and one at 12. Then start going to bed a 1/2 hour earlier. When you find you can get up at the 11 alarm, then move the alarms back a 1/2 hr. Move the times 1/2 hr per week. If this doesn't help you get back on a normal schedule, then something else is going on. Get off all electronics at least 2 hrs. before you want to go to bed. You may need to seek the help of your doctor if you cannot resolve this on your own.

    • NONAME8 months agoReport

      I haven’t been able to fix my sleeping habit on my own for years. My parents have tired multiple times. From taking away all my electronics to cutting off the wifi and pissing everyone off in the household, I still could not sleep. If I was able to sleep good, it’s never consistent.

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  • 8 months ago

    cause you need to be more responsible, maybe you should try to get a job

    • NONAME8 months agoReport

      You didn’t even read the post. Fck off

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  • 8 months ago

    if u go to bed at 4 am and get up at 1 pm u re sleeping healthy 12 hours like a little baby. your papa should kick u out of bed at 9 am a fw times and your will be back to a normal regime of falling asleep at 11 pm in a few days. u sleep too much and are lazy as fck because u have bad sleeping regime.

    • NONAME8 months agoReport

      Haha this **** made me laugh, almost gave you best answer

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