I Bought a chinese usb to midi interface, when i connect midi out from cable to midi in on the keyboard, my keyboard freezes?

My keyboard is yamaha ypt-210

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  • 9 months ago
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    If you have in and out connected at the same time and an "echo" type setting enabled at both ends, you get the MIDI equivalent of feedback and things tend to freeze up.

    If it happens with only the in connection on the keyboard, eithert the MIDI interface is not initialised properly or it is faulty.

    Is the interface already configured in some MIDI compatible program when that happens?

    Or, is the keyboard synth configured so it only works as a sound module when receiving MIDI data?

    eg. If you play a MIDI file through the interface, is it played?

    It does not appear that keyboard has any forced override, just local on/off, so I'd guess the interface is faulty.

    I have a couple of those cheap interfaces, they are not exactly the fastest and most responsive - but they do work.

    You can test the keyboard MIDI functionality by turning the "local" setting off, without any MIDI cables plugged in.

    The keyboard should then not produce sound.

    Plug a MIDI cable directly between midi out and midi in, and the keyboard should play again - the keyboard and synth sections are isolated from each other when local is off, the only link is via the external MIDI connections. If that does not work, the keyboard or cable is faulty.

    See the manual re. the local on/off setting and other info re. MIDI - around pages 51 - 52

    (Manual linked below).


    • jovan9 months agoReport

      Thx i found out what the problem is the interface is faulty, im gonna ask for a refund and buy roland um-one mk2 usb to midi.

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  • 9 months ago

    Key word here: Chinese.

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  • keerok
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    9 months ago

    Ask for a refund then buy again from another seller.

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