I had a Dream in which i saw a twin me?

in my dream i was the only one who is ale to see the twin me ...there are much details regards to the conversation n so on..

she has told me that ,she is always  with me , people recognized her as a dark shadow however , i was able to see her clearly,she looked the same as me , n she was telling me things about some people i know.. like "this person does not love you n he wants that .." ...let's say she was opening me eyes to things i donnot see within people....

any idea what does it mean...

1 Answer

  • 9 months ago

    She is a part of you, not really separate from you. She is unafraid of telling the truth to you about other ppl. Your subconsciousness mind finds its way to make itself known to you, and then to make other deeper realities known to you as well.

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