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Whats a service I can upload a voice sample to and link on yahoo answers?

I want to ask people what they think of my voice but I know youtube links no longer work here, what service can I use instead to ask under polls on Yahoo answers


If i posted questions under poll, would that be a chat violation? Anything can be considered a violation here, (technically), they designed it to be the most contradictory website resource online to provoke use. That much is kinda obvious.

Update 2:

When was the last time the report system here even worked too?

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    You can upload images or videos here, but not audio files. Asking what people think of your voice would be a chat violation, anyway. Think of it like this - questions asked here should be seeking answers that might benefit other people too. Asking what someone thinks of your voice/looks/style/etc just lets you know what the a few people who responded think (and some may fib to be nice and say they like something, when they really don't...and some will just troll and be unkind because they can).

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