Best friend is being distant. Advice? (will award)?

Context: met a few years ago, roomed together last year and are now living in an apartment with two of our other friends (college). The two of us grew really close last year, and I eventually told him he was my best friend (and he said the same). 

We met up a couple times although we were busy this summer and had a lot of fun. The semester started fine and everything, but over the past 3 weeks he's become really distant.

For context, his grandmother isn't doing well and it's gotten worse, although it has been ongoing all year. I have let him know i'm there for him and if he ever need to talk etc. But my point is it's different because stuff was going on last year but he wasn't distant with me at least.

We used to snapchat multiple times throughout the day, in between classes, after work, studying etc. We'd also text each other (same as summer too). We would even do a study together once a week (we've done it 2-3 times this semester). 

But he now only responds once a day on snapchat basically to keep the streak. He takes hours to respond to any texts (not useless texts, usually something like "good luck on your exam! you've got this")

I feel like I'm annoying him or did something. Should I ask, and is it bad that I care so much? Or should I just give space.


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  • 10 months ago
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    Your friends and roommates, not lovers, right? Give the man space. Why do friends need to be txting often when they are also roommates? Caring is not the same thing as demanding attention. I think reexamining your "lines" might be helpful.

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