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Intense cyber bullying? What should I do?

Several years ago I got into a fight with a girl on Instagram, I’m from the UK and she’s from the US. She was 26 then in her bio I remembered so right now she’d be in her early 30’s. Didn’t really know her but we were on a fan base and I saw she was bullying other people I got involved and she started being racist to me calling me a Middle Eastern big nose etc. So I called her something racist back (She’s Korean)

Since then after years I never got into contact with her! Just blocked her and moved on.

Now a couple of months ago she made a fake account using my name and picture but with the word nasty in the username. I knew it was her because she sent me a direct message prior. I reported the account and my friends helped me out by messaging it to scare the person to leave me alone. 

And now, 17th Oct 2019 she just created another account with my pictures from my old Facebook account I had when I was 12, editing pictures of my 12 year old self with stupid captions. The profile looks identical to mine, she managed to find out the name of the city I used to live at in the UK, the town, and my ethnicity.  And she placed it all in the bio to make the account look real. Then she messaged me something disgusting saying I look like a man and I wear too much makeup, and that I’m ugly etc (In reality I’m a fashion student and everybody always calls me beautiful) and then proceeded on the post more pictures of me. It seems she always returns every couple of months with another account.

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    You should report this to your local authorities as a cyber harassment civil issue.

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    Sounds like you're not telling us the whole story. Why would she appear all of a sudden and start harassing you if she didn't had any contact with you in all these years? Sounds to me that you were the one who initiated the first contact, which must have triggered her to retaliate. I would suggest you apologize to her and stop doing whatever you are doing to trigger her.

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      Its sounds fishy to me that after all these years of not talking to you, she would appear out of the blue and start harassing you again.

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    In the UK you can report her to the police and they'll deal with it. Cyberbullying is taken seriously in the UK especially after the media reports of suicides due to this type of bullying have highlighted the problem. But if she lives abroad then there probably isn't much you can do except ignore it, knowing that it would not affect you.

    Also being Middle Eastern is beautiful. She obviously has an obsession with you. She may be jealous or suffers from an inferiority complex. I'm Middle Eastern and we have a rich history and culture despite the recent conflicts. Hopefully it's a short time before we become a great power again. I wish you the best.

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    you could try talking to the police or cyber crime about it

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    yes what you doing

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