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Am I wrong for talking to a guy of my past while my BF and I are going through a rough time and dont know if we want to be together or not?

My bf of 4 years has cheated on me in the past, I forgave him but I never forgot. After he cheated on me i broke up with him for a little while and I started talking back to someone of my past but nothing more. Never had sex and I never met up with him. My heart was with my bf and he was all I thought about. When my bf and I decided to get back together he askd me if I was talkin to anybdy I told him no. I had ended things with the guy after a couple days of talking. so we moved on and our relationship got back stronger. Fast forward to today we have a 10mo old. i feel like after my baby things strted to change with him and he would accuse me of cheating because i didnt feel like having sex. He put me through hell and back because he didnt trust me. Then he dropped this bomb that he had cheated on me with more women especially while i was pregnant. I stoped talkin to him and blocked him and found his way at my house wanting to get back with me. Then he would call me out of my name and say he doesnt love me then he loves me. Just recently he said we are broken up and so I started talkimg to this guy for like 1 day just to get my mind off of him. I couldnt even talk to him it felt uncomfortable so i just stoped talking to him and my ex contacted me the nxt day wanting to reconcile saying he was lying about the 7 women he slept with and he wanted to see what I would do and if i still cared. Idk how to tell him that I talked to someone while we werent 2 gether

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    The only "guy" you should be talking to right now is the lawyer you're going to use when you take this baby daddy to court to iron out your custody and child support situation. Once you have a child life isn't as simple as just when to start dating again after a breakup.

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    I believe you're in the wrong. For trolling.

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    you do not have to tell him nothing

    and please dump this no good for fu;;;c;;c;;k all forever

    Think about the well being of this baby who as to go through hell at only 9 months

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