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Bump inside the vagina ?

I have this lump inside of my vagina. Maybe the size of a pea. It started ever since I got a transmitted disease. I’m still concerned. I went to the doctors and she said it was a lymph node that it would go down as soon as the infection clears. A month after it’s still there. I mean I still have an STD and I haven’t taken my pills yet. (Im starting next week) I google it and it says it’s cancer. I’m scared. It doesn’t hurt when I touch it. I don’t bleed irregularly, I don’t have pain during sex. I just have a pea sized bump INSIDE of my vagina. Can someone please educate me on where we have lymph nodes and why they get swollen. I also tried looking up to see if we have lymph nodes inside the vagina and I don’t find anything saying we do. Help. 

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    You have lymph nodes in the whole groin area.

    Lymph nodes are part of the immune system.

    It is normal and common for them to swell when you have an infection.

    Generally the swollen node(s) is the closest to the infection.

    Usually the swelling goes away once the infection is gone.

    Take the meds.

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    IDK why you haven't taken your meds yet, but take them and see If it doesn't go away. Don't panic. Google can be helpful, but they are overly fond of "cancer".

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