solving rational equation graphically. I know the it is either b or d option. But not sure which one of them is the actual answer.  ?

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  • Alan
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    9 months ago
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    Correct Answer : d

    d. Doesn't help find the solution.

    It just finds the x-intercepts of the two halfs

    which has nothing to do with the solution.

    Also, one graph never intersect the x-axis, so this method

    certainly does no good.

    a. obviously since you are finding the intersection of the two equations.

    b and c are actually the exact same thing

    the line because line y_2=0 is the x-axis so it is the same as

    finding the x-intercepts. Both of these method works.

    Since there are actually really same method, if one works, the other better


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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Do you come from Jewtopia?

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