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My daughter is 14 and hasn’t had her period yet. Should I be worried?

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    No, not yet. A girl can start her periods as early as 7 and as late as 16 and be in the "Normal" range.

    -- Girls can start having their periods even earlier, even at 6 months of age, but that is "precocious puberty". It is still healthy, but embarrassing for the girl until her peers start their puberty signs.

    -- If a girl has not started having her periods by the time she is 16, then she needs to visit her doctor (family doctor or Paediatrician) for a check-up. There are a number of reasons for the periods to not happen -- the girl is underweight, over exercise, lack of sufficient female hormones, an excess of male testosterone and other causes.

    -- A girl should start going to an OBY/GYN when she reaches 16 or become sexually active, whichever come first. Some doctors put the start date at 18 or sexually active.

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    Wow that's crazy I started mine when I was 11, I had no idea what a period even was but I had to find out the hard way

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    No, not unless she has not had it by the time she is 17, some girls start later, that is all.

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    No, she's still well within the age bracket for onset of first menstruation.

    Get on the Internet, or ask your doctor, for more information.

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    1 month ago

    You can worry if you want it won't change anything

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    Still within the normal age range.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    nope it'll come

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