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What has been the stupidist thing a family member has ever done?

Mine was a sibling getting on drugs and inspecting his attic ( he was breaking the ceiling in his closet) and another sibling jumping out of the second story room (while on drugs) running yelling as if possessed, she was sent to the emergency room and the psychiatric mental institution for at least a month.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Problem with this premise is Context. My parents considered Anything we kids did was "stupid". Even sleeping in until 10 on a Saturday...

    I'm sure , if they were still alive, they would consider my riding a Harley and going to a run with the Angels "stupid".

    I consider playing golf and bitching about my investments, Stupid.

    I also consider my cousin shanking a guy at a bar "stupid". But, I wasn't there. Maybe the other guy pulled a gun? Maybe it was bad booze?

    He went to Big Mac in OK for it. I consider Prison a bit more of an thing than "Tele Tubbies" or WTF...,

  • 4 weeks ago

    Ate own dog because thought it was neighbours dog :/

  • 4 weeks ago

    Get married and have children.

  • LilyRT
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    4 weeks ago

    alcoholic drank cleaning fluid when he couldn't get his hand on booze. what a dumb way to die.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Trust me when I say I would no where to start.

    • My cousin stuck a guy in a bar. Did a few years in McAlester. Ive been to ADC, too, over a rusted old 1898 gun..was it "stupid" or a lousy justice system, in my case? In his ,was it "stupid" or bad booze?He Normally was gentle as a pussycat.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Fell asleep while smoking a cigarette at the top of the stairs, rolled down all the way to the bottom and looked like they had a car accident with broken teeth

  • 4 weeks ago

    I can't even go into it........way too involved mailing my evil sister, hundreds of dollars of Kinder Eggs, from Italy, to her in NYC for her great expense for the postage alone........

    and all I asked in return.......was that IF she found this ONE stupid little 2 cent plastic toy.....could she PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE just mail it back to me.

    I had my reasons, and just needed that ONE stupid little toy for someone.

    I mailed her HUNDREDS of these eggs........and begged and begged and BEGGED.......and she kept swearing to GOD, she never got one. So I would mail more....and again, she'd swear she never got one.

    Then the series of eggs ended, and that was that. I never got one.

    a few years later........she got a brain tumor and died. Long story short......I had to go home, and help pack up all her belongings, and opened a dresser drawer.........and my chin about hit the ground.

    There in the drawer.......was a baggie........with about 12 of the specfic piece I had asked her for.

    Not one, not 2, not even 5.........but like a DOZEN of them. Purposely put aside.....and hidden in a make sure, I DID NOT get one.

    I just stood there...........shaking my head.......and trying to figure out how much she must have just HATED me, for gods knows what reason.

    I BEGGED her. BEGGED. Repeatedly. Spent HUNDREDS mailing all these chocolate eggs.....for her and her kids, .......and all I wanted back was ONE stupid little plastic 2 cent toy.

    and she hoarded a dozen of them.

    What do you say to that?

    • Weasel McWeasel
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      3 weeks agoReport

      Trust me Lily.....I have an endless catalog of family stories,...not all are fit to print here. But for some odd reason, I can post a story here, without attracting some troll like that, who just HAS to add their snark.

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