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Problem with Electric supply. I have an ELCB which goes to off cutting off electric unless I turn off power to downstairs sockets?

any ideas about what could be causing it and what costs may be involved with electrician. Electric was working fine then I came home to find the problem out of the blue.

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    The ELCB is detecting an earth fault.

    Unplug or disconnect everything that is, or maybe, connected to the downstairs sockets circuit, reset the ELCB and see it it will stay switched on. If it stays switched on, switch on or reconnect appliances / equipment one at a time until you find what causes the trip to operate. Commonly tripping faults can be due to boilers and pumps, fridges, kettles, steam irons, freezers or anything with water or moisture present.

    If the ELCB still trips after doing this, there is an earth fault on the downstairs socket circuit which will probably need the services of an electrician who will have the necessary test gear and expertise to locate the fault.

    As to cost, it is impossible to say as it will depend on what or where the fault is and the time etc to locate and rectify it.

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Retired UK electrician.
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    Short in the wiring.

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    rodents have eaten away your power cable

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      and finding exactly where they've done this is a complete pita. usual solution is to check every outlet on the suspect circuit [downstairs] as first step

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