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AC/DC is Australian but should they be considered at least an Australian band with British blood?

Brian Johnson and Cliff Williams are both English.  Bon Scott and the Young Brothers both were born in Scotland.  That should tell you something.  Bon had a tattoo that said “Scotland forever” and played bagpipes on Its a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll.  Angus roots for the Glasgow Rangers football team still.  Brian and Cliff still maintain their English citizenship.

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    Not really because they were all born in Scotland.

    By the way, Brian Johnson is a Geordie and was in a band of that name in the 70s.

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      The United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland include Scotland, & has since the 1707 Act of Union. .

  • Anonymous
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    AC/DC are British, let's be honest. Midnight Oil are the best actually Australian band.

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    Does it matter?

  • Quato
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    If AC/DC is Australian then Sepultura are not Brazilian.

    So yeah you've got a good point.

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    They Young brothers were born in Scotland, but the original singer Dave Evans, and the original Drummer, Colin Burgess were born in Australia, and their original Bassist was born in the United States. The band formed in Australia and achieved their initial fame there.

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    Yes because two members Phil Rudd and Mark Evans were native Australians.

    • Nick
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      Two members are also English natives.

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