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My husband criticized me not sharing a melon with our 4 year old kid, and he said he won’t buy melon again.?

I like melons, from my own experience, I don’t think melon is a perfect fruit for kids, because it could be problematic for kids stomach. My husband thinks I didn’t share the melon with them and he said he won’t buy melon again. (He does grocery shopping for our family). I offered when I cut the melon, but if nobody wanted it, I wouldn’t keep it for the next day, because melon goes bad quickly. It hurts my feeling when I know that my husband thinks I don’t deserve a melon. (I have a permanent full time job). Am I too sensitive? Does he love me still?


Nobody ever noticed that I offered everyone in the family when I cut a melon!!

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  • Ocimom
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    4 weeks ago

    Adults and kids can eat melons. Sounds like you are a greedy person that doesn't like to share. And if you cut up the melon and store it in a container in the fridge, it will last you several days. We do it all the time.

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    hahaha ,nice one you should i call me since

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    Melons don't ruin that fast if you put them in the fridge and they taste better cold than hot. I think you are a selfish pig.

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    file 4 divorce


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    Never heard of melon being hard on the stomach or problematic for children. You're living in fairy tale land

    Meanwhile fruit is loaded with natural sugar. it's still sugar and it's not that healthy to be eating a shitload of fruit all the time.

    What does your job have to do with this? are you high?

  • 1 month ago

    Very much a jerk move on his part. Sorry. I think gifting yourself a t-shirt that says, "I deserve a melon" would be appropriate. Wear it every Saturday.

  • 1 month ago

    It's clear you are in he right here that he in fact hates you and that you need to seek a divorce immediately allowing you to have all the melon you want and not share any of it with anyone. That way your husband can find someone new who will readily share melon with him and the kids.

    Or perhaps you could find some medical evidence backing up your beliefs that melon is bad for 4 year old kids to prove to your husband that you a caring mother, not just selfish.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    A small amount of melon would not hurt a four year old child.

    Melon kept in the refrigerator is good for about three days unless it was already over ripe.

    You have a jerk for a husband and you need to become more independent.  NO MAN is EVER going to tell me what I can or can't have.  Are you his wife or his child.

    Are you too sensitive - yes.

    Does he love you - no.  He CONTROLS YOU.  That is not love.

  • 1 month ago

    Melons can cause itchy throats also, it happens to me with honeydew. Cantelopes can carry salmonella in the little grooves on the skin. Watermelon is the best choice, imo.

  • 1 month ago

    oh lady, your husband now love melon more than him love you. you did a fail. now you must show husband you can present melon to kids. if you fail again then husband will chosen melon over you. you must buy 15 melon, and make huge melon presentation for childrens, and put on yootoob

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