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Why do some people's lives never even get off the ground?

I have known this guy since 7th grade. Back then everyone hated him because he was socially awkward and 'weird'. He grew up and worked as a security guard most of his life and then a call center tech support. He drank too much, never married, never had kids and now he has cancer and will probably die early.

Seems like he never had a chance and life was against him all the way since childhood. So much for those myths about the nerds having happy endings. I feel so sorry for this guy. Why do some lives work out that way?


He also never traveled, and only had two girlfriends in his entire life.

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    He probably had no support system at home either. Parents who didn't care.

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    too many haters in their path and not in their own.

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    He’s doing fine thanks, say something nice

    About this guy, he probably has more good

    Points than you or l.


    Very Best Wishes


    Source:) Ethics and affirmation of absent


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    cause noone's life is perfect

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    Life is often unfair.

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