Conservatives: Do you believe Dr. Ford was going to target whomever Trump nominated?

Are you aware that she originally sent that letter to Feinstein regarding this incident BEFORE Kavanaugh was nominated, while he was on a short list of 4 or 5 people?

How do you suppose she knew Kavanaugh would be nominated? psychic powers?

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    4 weeks ago

    If he was on a shortlist of four or five people, there was obviously a fairly good chance he'd be nominated. Hence her letter.

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    4 weeks ago

    This demonstrates one of the major problems with the right wing attack on Christine blasey Ford's testimony. The argument from right-wingers is essentially that this was all political hit job. That Ford made up the story entirely and that she did so for political reasons, perhaps egged on by democrats, perhaps acting on her own accord. But, the reality of how her claims in unfolded show that this is bullshit. As you said, she made her claims about Kavanaugh while he was just one of several people on a short list to be a potential Supreme Court nominee. She also told several of her friends about it at that same time. But it gets worse than that. One could theoretically argue that Ford was politically motivated and that when she recognized someone she knew among the names that she decided to make up this story just in case he got nominated. The problem with this is that she's been telling this story long before he was nominated. She told her husband about the incident, without naming the perpetrator, when they first got together. That was long before anyone knew who Brett Kavanaugh was. She identify Kavanaugh by name to both her husband and her therapist back when he was just a federal judge. It would be pretty ludicrous to think that she was setting up a fake claim against her one time high school acquaintance just on the off chance that he might be nominated High office at some point.

    Moreover, the evidence, scan as it is, seems to confirm Ford's account and work against Kavanaugh's account. Kavanaugh defended against the accusation by insisting that he was essentially a choir boy. He claimed to have been completely sexual innocent in high school and early college Years and said that he never drank to excess. This is contradicted by witness testimony the time witch depicts Kavanaugh in high school and early college Years as a boozehound. It also contradicts Kavanaugh his own writings of time. His yearbook page from high school is replete with references to binge drinking. In a letter that he wrote to someone at the time he described him and his friends as, in his words, loud obnoxious drunks. We have two women in college to allege that Kavanaugh exposed himself to them at a party. At least one of those stories is corroborated by another classmate who heard about it secondhand. The Cavanaugh's yearbook page also contains a crude sexual reference to a female student at a nearby school. While this doesn't show that Kavanaugh was some sort of sexual predator, it does show that he had a perhaps less than enlightened view women and sex. We also have a problem with Kavanaugh's claims about Christine Ford and her classmates. Kavanaugh says that he did not know her, and furthermore that students from their two schools did not socialize much, if at all. This is contradicted by testimony from students at the time who say that it was common for students of Ford school and students of Cavanaugh school to socialize. His claim to have not known for it also seems dubious given that Ford had at one point dated one of his best friends.

    Other evidence seems to back up Christine Ford story. Kavanaugh entered into evidence a detailed calendar which he kept during his high school years which he said supposedly proved that he could not have committed the crime. In fact, it seems to backup Ford story. Conservative made much of the fact that Ford could not remember when the party happened exactly. She believed that it happened sometime in early July. Brett Kavanaugh has a calendar entry which shows him going over to someone's house for a drinking party on July 1st. The calendar lists several of the attendees and three of the people listed are ones who Ford said we're at the party where the assault allegedly took place. There was no way for her to have known what was on Kavanaugh's calendar and no way that she would have remembered who was at some random drinking party in high school unless something important happened to her there. There's another piece of evidence which seems to confirm her story. Ford talks about running into Mark judge, the other boy who she says was in the room, while he was working at a supermarket. She thinks that the encounter took place about six to eight weeks after the assault. In judges Memoir he has a brief mention of working at a Safeway that year just before going off to football camp. Football camp began in mid-august which would put his employment there as being 6 weeks after the assault, if we assume that it happened at the July 1st party.

    When taking off together, this evidence shows that it's exceptionally unlikely that forward is making up this story. On the other hand, it's quite likely that Brett Kavanaugh is at least fudging elements of his testimony. We know that the picture would she painted of his life back then is not the one which everyone else saw. It's also possible that Kavanaugh has no memory of what happened. For him it may not have been a significant incident. Also, she may have been too impaired to remember. The other boy in the room, his friend Mark judge, has written Al Memoir on the fact that he was an alcoholic and high school and frequently suffered from alcohol-fueled blackouts. Brett Kavanaugh may have been the same. He made genuinely not remember what he did that night.

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    dr ford or some other liberal stooge

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    It’s quite funny how the left still believes her despite what her own attorney has revealed. It’s almost like the left has some agenda here. Wonder what it is?

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    I don't believe that for one second Lois. And I know you really don't either. You're way to smart to be that gullible. Diane Feinstein has always been a partisan hack.

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