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In the Nixon impeachment, public support didn't hit 50 percent for two years. Public support for Trump's impeachment ...?

hit 50 percent in less than a month. Even Fox reported 51 percent support. Is the country just SICK of him and his crimes and corruption?

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    8 months ago

    I think one difference is that these stories were corroborated pretty early on. The whistleblowers claims came out and then, just a few days later, the Trump Administration released a transcript which essentially corroborated all of their claims about the content of call. Watergate took much longer to percolate. As crazy as it sounds now, the initial break-in received very little pressed attention. Lesley Stahl, then a newly-minted journalist with CVS, says that she was one of them me about four or five journalists who had arrived to cover the story. This seems crazy because it was a break-in at a major party headquarters, during an election year, where guys were caught with electronic surveillance equipment. However, the news media seemed to initially accept the Nixon administration's claim that this was just a group of fervent Nixon supporters who got overzealous and decided on their own to commit a crime. It took a long time for the full story to come out. The Nixon Administration was able, for a long time, to insulate the president from the criminal aspects of Watergate. Even as the Scandal began to move into the White House, the administration was able to claim that Nixon himself had nothing to do with it. Trap the whole process, as the Scandal crept closer and closer to him they insisted that he had nothing to do with it that it was just Rogue underlings acting without his knowledge or proof. The White House can't do the same thing here because the initial piece of evidence is Trump, in his own words, talking about the central alleged Act of wrongdoing. It would be like if the Nixon tapes, which played a central role in convincing Americans of Nixon's guilt oh, was the first thing released in the Scandal

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  • GTB
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    8 months ago

    The hatred in Washington and in Politics, the bigotry and bias of news medias, and general negativity, has been so intense in the past few years that people have been herded into camps of one view or the other. Journalism is no longer practiced by the main line media. No wonder hatred reigns.

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  • 8 months ago

    This could be empowered by his betrayal of Kurds in Syria.

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