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Fencing and Martial Artists, How do you carry around your weapons?

I'm new, and from reddit. So this is a copy and paste. But the question remains...

So I am only a couple weeks (effectively days) old to sparring and fencing. I usually play the casual game of "if your strike would've killed the person in real war, you win". I am very laid back and not in any official fencing stuff.

Anyway, I used plastic weapons of either cold steel, black armoury or bladesusa, and I was wondering, how do you guys carry your weapons from place to place? In a bag? Toolbox for swords?

I am asking because I used to carry 2 daggers, a buckler, and a broadsword in a backpack. But now I am getting a Bo staff, two hand axes, and a longsword. I have no idea how to carry it all when I go to the park or somewhere to fight my friends? Any suggestions?


How do you carry around your weapons?

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  • DKG
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    9 months ago

    Personally I carry my mask and gloves in a rucksack, along with cash, water bottle etc.

    I wear or roll up and place outside ruck but under the top bag my fencing jacket and wear my breeches when I walk in.

    I strap swords into two packs using straps (in my case a set of trangier straps bought specifically for this purpose from a camping store), one around the weak, another around the hilt, and pass one each through the strap above the hip belt and below the shoulder pad of the rucksack - I usually have at least 4 swords of various types, up to 12 if we are doing sword in one hand, messer or dussack and I take all my blackfencer synthetics for the class to use. (mix of longsword, messer, 'arming sword' steel longsword feder and steel rapier and dagger)

    I could wrap them with a cloth before strapping them, but as they are (mostly) nylon (with a feder and (maybe) a steel rapier) I don't usually bother. This may depend on your local culture of social and policing attitudes to fencing equipment and whether you have a formal club you are attending though.

    If I need bucklers I pass their handle over the padded section of the hip belt of the rucksack, and carry a pair like this one on each hip - so I have one for me and a spare so I can offer sword and buckler to anyone who wants to play.

    When I need pollax, I strap my pair together (currently using velcro straps), and use their side spike and matching hole in the blade to secure them into a 'single object', which I then carry at it's balance point at the trail. (Sloping them I find hard on the hands for the 2-3 mile walk to or from classes).

    I pack those swords and other training tools I think I will need for a specific class, and take a wider variety if we have a 'free-play' session.

    I would suggest attending a local HEMA class if such a thing exists near you - and even if not, look at some of the original texts, or their modern glosses to get a better feel for how the art of defence with the sword was practiced and how to use them safely and without injury (knees in particular can be overstressed by poor biomechanics, Even if there is no HEMA class, you might want to get some practice in with MOF or another martial art for structure and injury avoidance advice for your context.

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  • Steel
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    9 months ago

    Different bags or carrying cases. Here are some examples:


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