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Is bodybuilding worth it?

I've been working on my body for about 2 years now. I went from 239 pounds to 147 and now I'm back at 170. I still have love handles but most people say I look skinny or average.

When I started this, my dream was to look like Jensen ackles or Chris Hemsworth. Not like the hulk.

However, with all this effort going in, now I'm wandering if it's even worth it. Should I just eat healthy but not really care about looking like a god?

The whole reason I'm doing this is so I can be attractive. Right now I'm skinny fat, but will women actually appreciate all the work I'm doing?

I'm planning on being a programmer so it's not like I need to do bodybuilding. Is eating healthy and working out enough without the bulking and cutting and calorie counting?

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    10 months ago
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    Not everyone gets noticeably larger muscles from weight lifting other than the pump after a workout. I didn't and I've been at it, on and off for 50 years (I'm 63 today). However, anyone can achieve impressive muscle definition which will be visible at 8% body fat for men and 15% for women. Its not unhealthy as long as you are eating well and working out. I can maintain that level with 3500 calories a day doing 45 minute workouts 4 or 5 days a week.

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    10 months ago

    If you dont go OTT yes it is worth it.

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