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Am I the only Democrat who feels that the far left Socialists should start their own Party and stop trying to hi-jack my Democratic Party?

Surely there must be other Democrats who feel the same as I!


After posting this 3 months ago, I am really disappointed that only three people saw fit to answer/comment on my dissatisfaction! The climate in the Dem Party's lefties today to me is reminiscent of pre-Bolshevik revolution in Russia. History again threatening to repeat itself. Look what it did to Russia! Back in the day, I used to think that McCarthy was evil with control issues, but do we need someone like him again? Or do we just need his zeal to combat this current socialist infringement?

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    After the 2020 election and the devastating loss they will be getting. The DNC will split into two parties. The traditional Democrat party and a radical Socialist party. Wait and watch !

  • Andy F
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    3 months ago

    As a far-left socialist, I think you should read more about the history of Russia.  At the time of the 1917 revolution, it was ruled by a Tsar who was fairly incompetent because he was being misled by the crazy monk Rasputin and because he was obsessed with the hemophilia of his son.  Russia also was militarily incompetent and involved in a losing war against Germany in Eastern Europe. The nation had no history or political tradition of democracy at all, and a big fraction of the population consisted of illiterate peasants.  Plus, a big fraction of the army was willing to change sides and desert the Tsar's government when the first round of the revolution, the February revolution, broke out  - half a year before the Bolsheviks made their move.

    QED - There's almost NO resemblance between Russia in early 1917 and the USA in 2020, even if some extreme American communists like to imagine that there is.  A Bolshevik-style revolution just isn't going to happen in this country in the near future - no matter what does actually happen.  Which may not be all that nice, but it won't be a replay of Russia in 1917.

    Also, most of the "moderate" Democrats have now flocked to Joe Biden's candidacy, at least partly to stop Bernie Sanders and the style of "socialism" or social democracy that Bernie represents.

    You're over-reacting.  And probably you're "red-baiting" the Democrats, too, the way extreme right-wing Republicans usually do when the GOP's own political record isn't  very attractive.

    Cool your jets, okay?

    -- democratic socialist for common sense and against political BS

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    Allow me to give you an important American history lesson regarding the Democrats and how hard they have always worked for working Americans!

    Please don't stand with us as Democrats if you cannot understand and appreciate our work.

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  • 11 months ago

    There is no ' your Democrat Party ' anymore . You belong to the party of Ilhan 0mar and Talib Rashid .

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