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Should I tell my best friend I m worried our other friend will steal him from me?

Look I know it sounds stupid. We ve all got our own baggage. Basically someone stole my childhood best friend for 12 years who I was super close to in the past. Because of that I never get close to people because of no trust. But i have gotten even closer to a friend now, but our other friend keeps spending more time with him and excludes me. My worry is over time he will steal my best friend.

Is it even worth telling my best friend? At least to let him know how I feel and apologize for worrying or being annoying?

Serious answers only please, will award best answer to a good answer. Thanks.

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    No. It is impossible to "steal" another human being. People are free to choose their own friends.

    If you were as concerned about your friend's feelings as your own, you wouldn't attempt to guilt him or emotionally manipulate him.

    Very few friendships last a lifetime. Most end at some point in time. Yes it can be very sad and painful, but it's normal and there is nothing you can do to stop it. So please don't put pressure on your friend about this. You guys aren't married.

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    I wouldn't do it, but that's just me.

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