why does my wifi keep slowing down?

how does this problem keep comin bak? jesus wat a pain. i had the samsung note 3 that had wifi issues. so i went with the note 4 thot i was good til today i noticed my speed was acting up. man i cant believe this is hapening again cuz i jus got the phone. so i would turn wifi off n bak on n the speed would b aroun 70Mbps. as soon as i open an app i chek my speed n it goes down to 5-6Mbps. ther is sum kind of black magic goin on here. anyone else hav this problem?

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    That's pretty typical of a cheaper\older wifi router.  I finding it interesting how people will spend $700+ on a phone, but don't want to spent more than $30 on a wireless router that affects their everyday life.  

    Newer devices need to be connected to 5ghz wireless.  Realistically if you want headache free wifi you need to have a router rated AC1900 or higher.  Older\cheaper wifi routers are not capable of transmitting on enough frequencies to overcome interference and then just slow down.  

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    Just try with your friend's phone with your same network at the same place. If the issue is there then it is a network issue. Otherwise, the WiFi chip on your phone will be having issues. So, take it to service center and get it fixed.

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    I think that your WiFi is been hacked or its the problem with your network connection nothing else

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    i think this maybe because off your isp phone them and ask them to ping your telephone line and see what the speed should be, check what channel your router is on use wifi anaylzer to see if some off yourr neighbours are on the same channel if not then tweet, facebook or google my name for more live help thanks Ian

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    The cache can be deleted out. There are instructions on the internet

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    The issue would likely be with your modem/router, not the devices you're using though.

    You can consider upgrading to a better modem/router.

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