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Bleeding brown blood? Help?

So, I didn't have a period for 4 years. I was on the Nexplanon implant. I got off in February, and I didn't have a period until June. Then I had two regular periods, not too heavy or light, lasting about 5 days each. Then it I didn't have one in August.

Now it's September and I had the heaviest period of my life. I'm 21 and I've had a period since I was 9. I've always been heavy, but nothing like that. I was bleeding through super tampons every two hours. I had large clots and chunks of "tissue" the size of half dollars and small limes. Some were so close to the color black it scares me. It was horrible.

Well, that lasted about 7 days (relatively normal for me from before I had Nexplanon) and now, ever since, I've been slowly bleeding brown blood and some light pink blood. It gets worse when I have sex, but stops maybe 10 minutes after sex is over. There's even a few pieces of I'm guessing dried tissue as well? I don't know, but it worries me because I'm also still have cramping and gas.

I just need some answer or ideas as to what this is before I consult a doctor.

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    to me this just sounds like dry blood, nexplanon tends to play games with your periods and it can take a good few months if not longer to adjust to normal. i had the exact same issues while i had it in and once i had it removed. i’d say based from personal experience it’s nothing to worry about. but if you’re truely concerned i’m not qualified to tell you for certain so it may be best seeing a gp x

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    Probably need to see your GP for medical examination or ultrasound possibly a have a curette.Nexplanon hasn't been tested on women younger than 18yrs old.4 years is along time without a break.Read the side effects of Nexplanon before you decide to go on it again.

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