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Not having any knowledge of or experience with this type of software, whenever I can’t avoid including a diagram as part of an answer to a question, I hand draw the diagram, scan it in, creating a pdf file in the process, snip the image using the Windows snipping tool and finally upload the picture file image. This is a tedious process and limits my ability to post answers to geometry type questions. I know there are several experts who post regularly on YA Maths who can do beautiful diagramswhen they need to. I wonder whether you can refer me to the software you use, with recommendations as to which might be suitable for a beginner in this area, and whether I may obtain it free on the internet, or if I need to buy it, details of cost and where and how to get it. Many thanks.

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    I've used Geogebra for geometry questions and Desmos for graphing questions.

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    I use Desmos for (often animated) graphing and some diagrams. e.g.

    I use POVRay for the 3 dimensional stuff as I was already using it for other things.

    Both are free. Desmos is online and POVRay requires a download.

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  • Vaman
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    There is software which plot the mathematical functions. It is free and also plots can be copied and printed .

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