Does michigan have wasps ?

I have apiphobia and am gettiing better at it but i only like mud daubers and i heard from alot of people who lived in michigan they get stung alot and fight wasps and stuff and i thought they dont have much because its cold but those wasps seem like their tougher than a mud dauber ..........

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  • 11 months ago

    Well, they are there, and in diversity. Not about the cold, they are cold blooded but does get warm enough their life cycle continues. Yea, most wasps are cool, mud daubers a solitary predator seeking insects for their burrow or mud nest. Not big on aggressive, like all the mason wasp group like organ pipe wasps.

    A number of paper wasps including yellow jackets, the latter just a bit aggressive defending their nest. Others like northern paper wasp, are pollinators feeding on nectar and pollen, makes them beneficial like bees. Hardly aggressive.

    People seem to fear the for their painful sting not realizing it is that panic, swatting at them or becoming a kung-fu master can set them off. Reality, they care less about humans and much ignore you, do the same for them, they don't sting.

    Studying them a bit, getting to know and understand them, I even coax them onto my hand to eat bits of fruit. Never stung doing that:

    Note the dozen or so near the top eating crushed fruit.

    Working in the yard with them, had them land on me, drink a litte sweat, then just go on their way. Go smacking at them, they are gonna sting.

    Maybe work on it, read about them, observe them making a nest, that is sure to help anxieties. They are really fascinating critters.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    there are wasps everywhere except antarctica. you will find them even in nunavut, greenland, iceland etc

  • 11 months ago

    I think there were wasps in most states, but it depends on the season.

  • .
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    11 months ago

    If you mean yellow jackets, yes Michigan has a lot of them. I lived in Grand Rapids for a couple of years so I am familiar with the geography. However, if you leave the yellow jackets alone they rarely will attack you. They usually bite you when you bump into their nest or drink a Coke or Pepsi that they’ve climbed into.

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