I saw a video last month on instagram, now I cant find it anywhere! Its sooo important.?

It's two guys dressed as cats and one woman playing their owner. Its shot in documentary or reality tv style. So the woman says how much she loves them. Then it will cut to them doing something. I cant remember all of the things she describes but I remember one of the guys says "im so independent but i need you to feed me" and then they want nothing to do with the food. He throws a cup at the wall. Ohh! She talkes about how they are loud at 3 am and it shows them being crazy. Then the end there is an outside cat she feed and they are mowing at it through the glass. Anyway. Its hilarious and i would love if someone would post a link!!!!! Tha k you!

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  • 9 months ago

    someone mightve deleted it

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