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Is it worth it to have friends? I will spend 2 or 3 weeks in order to make friends, I'm 22?

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    10 months ago

    Yes, but the right ones are the ones worth waiting for. People who treat you, themselves, and others right and don't go out of their way to harm someone else for ANY reason (including no reason). People who have morals, convictions worth having, standards worth keeping, and truly LOVE others as themselves, and love themselves too. It shows in how they do not mistreat or prop up themselves over others. They act in humility and compassion BUT also STRONG INTEGRITY. STRAIGHT FORWARD people. Not going around with bleeding heart on their sleeves in order to catch needy people who will adore them.

    It's good that you're trying to be good to others and gain practice in BEING a friend. I applaud you! Give yourself more credit. You are BEING a friend.

    There are givers and takers. Takers: don't value your time; try to isolate you from your family and friends and alienate them; will encourage you to make bad decisions that could harm your future or present to fuel their own self-gratification (take out loans for them, buy a car you can't afford because they don't like the one you drive them in, fwb and no strings attached (there is always a string!), try to discourage you from your goals, and they might gaslight you or try to trick you into believing things about yourself that aren't true. Givers: value your time, are good to your family and friends in an authentic and not self-serving way, not trying just to impress them so they won't be spoken ill of, but because they are good and want what's good for you, will encourage you to make good decisions and be a voice of reason about any decision that could have negative impact, not only encourage you in your healthy goals but also support you, always speak positively and constructively to you, never trying to manipulate you to the left or right because they truly care and want the best for you.

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  • 10 months ago

    different people have different values, but I find the connections I have with my friends the most enjoyable aspect of my life and strongly encourage you to be social.

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