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A boy I assume he is FWB told me today that he would like to do something else rather than sex only. Is it normal for FWB relationship?


So we decided to chat about life, work etc. Actually it felt quite good. Then we had sex.

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    If you're going to transition from being a FWB to actually liking each other and investing more serious time, then you need to approach that with him and say hey, is this turning into something more serious and committed.

    What exactly was "something else rather than sex" If you're meeting his friends/family, if you're spending whole days together in public and doing things that serious couples do and not just hooking up to get your fix, then it's made its transition already from FWB to a relationship.

    The tricky part is catching feelings if you're JUST FWBs. DOn't get involved with this guy any more if he doesn't want to cross that line with you.

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    FWB can absolutely do stuff other than sex, as long as both partners are on the same page about what they do and don't want out of the relationship.

    The problem is usually that one or the other will develop unrequited feelings for the other - and want the relationship to go further.

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  • 5 months ago

    Yeah bruh, that's the "F" in FWB, b.

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    My FWB and i go out to eat, go to movies, go hiking, and do other things together. But i guess that, after 7 or 8 years, two people become friends and depend on each other for company

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    FWB generally means a purely sexual relationship, but, in practice, it is difficult to have anything longer lasting than a one-time fling without having other aspects of a relationship based on physical intimacy, or sex. The extent to which there are aspects beyond sex range from enjoying each other's company or companionship, to liking or being friends in a platonic sense, to affection, to love, and more, or any of those choices. The answer to your question is there is no normal. To the extent it appears normal is a function of the choices those in FWB relationships make about how it will be carried out and what it involves. The possibilities (like shapes and forms) are as different as the people involved in them are different). Each couple defines its own normal either as a conscious choice or by how they behave (interact) with each other.

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