My crush and I kissed two weeks ago but we haven't talked about it and nothings changed since. What happens next?

About four weeks ago, a guy from school and I started texting. We texted every night till late and talked in school too. I liked him, and heard from other people in school that he liked me too. We went to a party, he told me he liked me and we kissed and then kissed some more. But the next day he went to hospital because he had pancreatitis. He missed a week of school, but we continued texting. Now he's back at school and we still haven't talked about the kiss and things are feeling a bit awkward. What happens next?

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  • 8 months ago

    It sounds like he lost the thrill and excitement of what happened. It might have just been something that happened out of fun and passion but he may not see you as someone he wants to date seriously ect. If he hasn't spoken to you about what happened and it's now just a thing of the past, I would bother saying anything. If he liked you more than just for the thrill of texting and kissing and doesn't CARE about you, then it's a waste of time.I would let it go and let him make a move. If you run into him etc., don't antagonize him about it, it might make him defensive unless he's just super shy and needs to come around after recovering from his ailment.

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  • RP
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    8 months ago

    Obviously, this bothers you and you don't know how to revive the topic. One approach you might consider is asking him whether he feels there is unfinished business between the two of you and, in doing so, be as explicit as necessary. You might start with something like, before your illness, it seemed we were on our way to a great relationship, but it seems like we've lost our momentum. If need be, go further, but his reaction to what you say will tell you what you need to do or say further.

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