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body after baby?

I have not had any children yet, but definitely plan on having at least 2 in the next 5-8 years or so. I know its silly to worry about these things and any body changes will be worth having your wonderful baby, but i cant help but worry anyway. I have suffered with body image my whole life so i really stress about these things

In your experience: 1. If you gained the recommended amount of weight, did your body go back to normal? 2. Are people who are fit before pregnancy more able to “bounce back?” 3. How much did you gain and did you get stretch marks, loose skin, etc.? 4. Were you able to tighten your stomach back up?

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Every woman has a different experience and a lot of it has to do with genetics and lifestyle. I was lucky enough to lose all the weight, no flabby skin, nice flat stomach and no stretch marks. My 2 half sisters though do have stretch marks and are constantly about 20-30 lbs overweight. They also both had to have hysterectomies later in life. I figure I was lucky enough to get slightly better genes.

    Most women who get fat and stay fat after having a baby simply gave up and let themselves go. I hope you will grow up as you grow older. Maturity allows you to realize that how you look is pretty unimportant in the long run. You need to stop hanging your self esteem to the opinion of other people.

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  • 5 months ago

    You will have stretch marks, if you exercise while pregnant you will not gain weight as much, but yes you'll have the flabby skin hanging, sorry. Cosmetic surgery can help.

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