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Why do pro life women have kids they can’t afford?

Example; this girl I knew had a kid right out of high school, he’s 2 years old now and she brags about how she doesn’t use condoms because “if god wants me to have another kid then it’s his will”, she has mad hatred for pro choicers and is very very pro choice. Meanwhile, she started a go fund me page because her child got taken away and placed into foster care because she was labeled as an unfit mother because she is homeless as well as her boyfriend and she is flat broke. Why do pro lifers have kids they can’t take care of, and in the process they make the kid struggle and have a hard time in life? Is it that they’re so selfish that they don’t actually care about the kids needs and only cared about how they look to others or if they are morally okay with themselves? Who cares if the kid suffers as long as her conscience is clear, right?


Is very very pro life*, my apologies

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    8 months ago

    Stupidity runs deep in those who believe, young Skywalker...

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