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Why did my friend get offended by my post?

A month ago, I posted an event I was hosting raising awareness for cancer. I encouraged my friends to share the event or come and volunteer with us instead of just writing one of those status messages "I bet no one will share this - copy and paste my status in memory of all those who died of cancer - comment with an Amen".

I've never believed in those posts, but instead encourage people to donate, take action and get OUT into their community and off their phones!

One friend commented that she was offended because she's disabled and all she can do is write status messages and not go out into the community and help. She went on and on as if I'd targetted my post towards her????

Suffice to say, a lot of people signed up for my event through that post and it was successful as ever!!

I'm still friends online with this woman but she's receded into the social media abyss! Why was she taking my post so personally??? Do I apologize for making her feel a offended??

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    You didn't do anything wrong and she took offense to something that wasn't directed towards her. I do not think that you owe this woman anything. Some people are very sensitive and take things to wrong way. I would just let it go.

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    A disabled person can go out in the community if they have a way to do it. There is no reason to be offended by the post, unless you said something that implies all people who don't go out in the community don't really care.

    You can't apologize when you don't know what is actually wrong. All you can do is reach out and see if there is another idea she has about a post, what would she have done differently, etc. Then apologize for what you sincerely believe you should, which in your case might be "I did not intend to leave you out or cause you to feel left out" (not sure)

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    Well, yes, you can apologize to her if you value her friendship.

    Your post was well intentioned, and obviously very successful. However, as your friend mentioned, she is disabled and unable to participate in the manner encouraged by your post. Reading your post made her feel bad about her disability.

    Obviously, you were not implying that this friend was a lazy, uncaring person. Apologize and explain. If she doesn't accept your apology, then let the friendship go... it means your friendship wasn't meant to survive.

    Best wishes.

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