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What's a period fart?

So my friend who has her period says that when shes on her period she always has these REALLY bad smelling farts. Is that true? do they smell worse on your period?

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    Changes in hormones could certainly affect the digestive tract.

    Cramping in the abdomen can also trigger the digestive tract to be more active, which certainly would account for the increased gas.

    Women sometimes crave particular food items right before and during their period.. Those food items may also be a contributing factor.

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  • Marc
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    5 months ago

    Woman are gross. I just threw away my lunch because of this. I think im gonna puke

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  • 5 months ago

    do you have reason to suspect she is lying? she is speaking for herself, not for every female in the world. I have no reason to suspect her of lying that her farts smell worse. It doesn't' mean it applies to everyone else.

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