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why did this once happen?

so i have a memory of a year or so ago, i had accidentally upset my cat (don't remember how) and she had scratched me a bit. So i left and about 15 or 20 minutes later i went to apologize. she seemed to accept my apology and was letting me pat her. i stood up and reached my arm out to pat her a last time and she jumped up and like attacked my arm. I was just wondering why this happened, was me putting my arm out bad?. iv'e always kind of wondered if she did it to get even?. Like maybe she saw me putting out my arm as an offer for her to get pay back?. if you know why she did this pls say. i was just thinking back on old memories and wondering.

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  • PR
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    8 months ago

    Perhaps your cat is young? Some cats get a bit rowdy when playing. Also, is she spayed? If she's not spayed, having this done may help.

    Try dragging a string around with a little paper tied to the end. Cats really like to chase these things. Your cat may be bored and needs something to do. A laser pointer is also a good toy but the string is better because the cat can actually pounce on it.

    If these don't work, consider allowing your already spayed cat to go outside, if she is not afraid. She can lay in the sun, sit by a bush, or simply play. Being outside helps use a cat's brain and it is not so bored. She may be less likely to do these other things if her mind is occupied.

    When you pet her, be very gentle and talk to her. Consider if she grabs you, that she may actually be asking for more petting rather than showing aggressive action toward you. Maybe she just doesn't want you to stop.

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  • keerok
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    8 months ago

    Somehow you annoyed her. Then you may have seemed to attack her. Who knows what cats think? I was attacked by one too when I was very young that's why I prefer dogs.

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