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Should I continue being patient or should I cut him out completely?

My ex boyfriend and I were in a long distance relationship for a year. We met in person and met our families too. We were both serious about each other but his parents weren't accepting of us because 1) he just graduated dental school in June,2019 and hasn't gotten a job yet, which means he isn't financially stable, 2) the distance didn't make sense to his parents, and 3) our religion and culture does not allow us to date unless we're engaged, which can't happen because his parents don't think he's ready yet. So even if we were to get back together without his parents knowing, there would be no point cuz we know we're gonna want to see each other at some point but we wont be able to. He told me he wants his parent's blessing but wants to take it slow with them and doesn't want me to be in this mess with him so we broke up in June 2019. We ended it on good terms and we still text and call because he told me he still wants to maintain contact. Like I said we still text but he doesn't really show me any feelings towards me anymore and it's frustrating because I still love him and it hurts that he just talks to me casually without talking about us anymore. I've already talked to him about our situation too many times but It doesn't ever get anywhere. I feel that I wanna tell him for the last time that I love talking to him but I also don't feel satisfied when we do talk, but I don't wanna risk losing it all. I don't know what to do!!

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    So tell him you love him and you want to spend the rest of your life with him. Do it face-to-face. See how he responds to that. Remain strong though. Show no weakness. Don't come out crazy because there's a chance he won't go through with it.

    Love is like that. You must pour it all yet be willing to be hurt. Bad. If he feels the same way as you, strongly, you have no problem then. He should use your love to inspire him to find a job and make your relationship work. If he goes the other way, stop. He's not for you. Let go. You love him. Let him be. It will be painful for you and you won't forget about it but deep in your heart you know you must let go.

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    "our religion and culture does not allow us to date unless we're engaged"

    That makes NO sense at all

    How can you find out you are compatible if you cannot date without promising to marry them?

    Perhaps moving to 2019 would solve all your issues

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