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How to get him back?

Bf and I broke up, he’s been going through a really bad time and depression and the break up was out of no where, we have a child, and love each other dearly, the break up was hard and the reason was because of our arguments that we have too often, we argue maybe once a week over the slightest things. I believe he has anger issues but won’t get any help, not for his anger and refuses depression treatment. He gets frustrated and angry over things that wouldn’t normally frustrate him, and ever since his depression he hasn’t been the same, he isolated himself for days, won’t talk to me one day and the next acts all loving and caring, it was frustrating for me and hard not knowing how to handle this depression, anyways so now he tells me that he doesn’t think things will ever change argument wise, that he just wants me to be happy and will give me space if I need it before we communicate again. He also said it’s not what he wants but he doesn’t like arguing and doesn’t like making me feel “sad” but he never realized that my intentions are never to argue or hurt him, I am calm when he gets upset and correct anything that bothers him, he just gets mad for a lot of little things and it makes him something he’s not, along with his depression which I’m sure doesn’t help. But how can I fix this situation to make my family complete again and to help him over come his depression or encourage help for his anger issues?

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    When people won't help themselves they don't deserve the help of others. If it were just you you could do whatever you want... But you have a kid to think about and that child doesn't need to be around someone with untreated mental illness and a rage disorder. I'd let him visit the child in a supervised manner until he agrees to get into treatment. If he never agrees then eventually you'll have to file for sole legal custody and child support. Trying to stay with him is simply incompatible with decent parenting at this point.

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