How does one work with an individual who wishes to manipulate you upon the job environment?

I've asked this already, but a new occurrence happened, and I'm not really annoyed but rather, I'm wondering - how can I be nice to this individual after she did this?

..... so four months ago, this lady aka my boss within/upon my job called me physically challenged, not appreciating what she did, I Immediately stopped speaking to her, and questioned her authority ( upon realizing her rank like it had being demoted by feeling leas of a boss ), I got to hear that she reported me to the supervisor saying, I've being a problem on the job ( I'll admit to that - yes I was by asking, why should I do this and that, apparently I was too much of a woman for her, anyway so the boss asked me what caused this, I said, " it's because she called me physically challenged, in return he said to me, no she didn't, to which she said the same, long story short, I left there with an advice from the superior to forgive her, and forget that this ever happened, and to obey her every orders to which I'm now gonna do, but how can an individual look past this hurt and embarrassing ordeal.

P.S. I'm proud though because previously I would of end up in a state of depression for not standing up for myself, but now it looks like my defense is too much to handle, and as a result I now have a strike against my name seeking employment to which I didn't deserve willfully.

Thanks for your feedback and comments. Blessings all.

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  • Archer
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    A boss having you do the work you were hired to do is not "manipulating" you but being a boss. Your inability to comprehend simple tasking and directions would indicate you may need special consideration to most bosses. Your inability does not display any superiority but it does display your insecurity. It was your actions or lack there of which created her perspective. Your insecure in many way.

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  • 9 months ago

    First, realize that nearly everyone you interact with is trying to manipulate you in some way.

    Then, realize that she is socially challenged.

    Then know that as your boss she has control.

    Next by losing your cool you are turning your power over to her, you are letting her affect your actions.

    Then just live your life, do your job, and don't let her have the satisfaction.

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