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How to survive AP English Language & Composition?

Okay so I love English so much, as it is my favorite subject, but I jumped from a regular to an AP so I feel like I’m kinda screwed because everyone knows their **** and I feel really dumb lol. Anyways, are there any useful tips for this class? Anything from how to treat the teacher, classwork/homework/assignments, what I should focus on, things you should never/always do. Let me know! :D

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    5 months ago

    why did you think you would fare well in AP English? If you made the decision, okay, then make it your business to get a tutor. Getting a tutor is about the only sure fire way to survive an AP class. By the way, getting a tutor is very common. Talk with the school counselor or the teacher immediately to check on getting a tutor for daily help. It is the only way you could get a 4 or 5 on the AP exam in this class.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    That happened to me lmao, I went from normal science and English to pre-ap English and science, in order to survive it, keep doing your homework, I got low grades which is a D+ for math, B+ for science pre-ap, B+ for PE (3rd period), C+ for history, C for English pre-ap, and A+ for space center. Doing your homework will have to take you to at least 9 PM to finish, the latest is until the next morning when you go to school, I thought I was screwed also but I survived, me and my cousin are working on switching next quarter for pre-ap English since we get like 2 Homeworks per day form his class alone! I recommend switching out of a class you struggle on and can't complete the homework and get about 1 late work per week or month, I am switching out bc I have a presentation due tomorrow and I have to present another one, I am only in middle school!

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  • 5 months ago

    There's no standard curriculum for AP English Language and Composition. You'd have to tell us what you're being asked to do. There ARE conventions for writing papers about literature- the best way to learn them is to read papers. It's easy to find them online.

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