I m a widow, i just broke up with my ex of 1 year. It seems as if his fiancial situation wasn t about to change he s 52 I m 35. (Read on)?

When we first got together his fiancial situation was not the best, it got worse within time. I ignored it because i loved him, he would always compare my situation to his. Making me feel guilty for purchasing stuff or spending money on a certain item.

I helped him in the past with bills and even paid his apartment to stop the eviction process.

I purchased items for his apartment to show him that i cared and was there.

I started noticing little things about him how he s always on fb and I m not knowing what s going on with him.

I could see that he was active on fb and it would take him a while to respond to me, my husband and i were not into fb at all.

His words were I m getting tired of all of this if you can t take it just be done.

I ended it with my ex because i started to have a gut feeling of something not being right.

Am i wrong?

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  • Foofa
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    8 months ago

    You're not wrong. When someone too lazy to take care of business criticizes someone who IS responsible that's a huge problem. But typically you tolerated that nonsense right up until you felt his attention wasn't all yours. Both of these are valid reasons to end a relationship. It's just sad that so many women put up with red flag behavior right up until the point where their ego is bruised over something totally unrelated to the real problem.

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  • 8 months ago

    Jesus. He's almost 20 years your senior and you were paying his bills? You gotta be ******** kidding me.

    I'm glad you dumped his sorry ***. You deserve better. Imagine the face of your late husband if you told him you were basically supporting a much older guy that couldn't even pay for his own things. I shiver at the thought.

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  • 8 months ago

    You were exceeding generous with your money and your affections for a man you'd known merely one year. As you imply.. it didn't appear to be a growing, deepening relationship.

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