Family and Relationship?

OK here

Its about a 77 yrs man who had help a 50 yrs woman to get out of a abusive relationship

He open his door to make her stay at his place ;and he also gave her ride to get to her work for 4 days ;;saturday night she him and his wife that she was going to a festival

Sunday morning he went into a park to read a book and he discovered she had sleep with her bf there

He was so mad that he flew in a rage until midnight

According to him she betrayed him and he said she was just a scumb ;; his wife told him it was none of his business but he never stop screaming that he hate her and he never want to see her again

Why do you think he was so pisss ?


I meant SHE told him

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  • 1 year ago
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    When people go out of their way to help rescue someone from an abusive relationship.. they invest! For all we know, maybe he has a daughter who got caught up in abuse and drugs and is in prison as the result of her falling in love with an abusive lousy guy and he and his wife felt they could rescue this OTHER woman when they were unable to do so with their daughter. So finding out she was out with the very man they were trying to rescue her from, cut to the quick. Could be dozens of scenarios. We've no way to know.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    He was a lonely old simp

  • ?
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    1 year ago

    he was looking forward to banging her

  • 1 year ago

    He didn't extend his kindness to her boyfriend, and felt taken advantage of.

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    He wanted her for himself. At fifty she is a young thing to him.

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