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If a baby is underweight, should you wake them up for a feeding?

My daughter is a few pounds underweight so her doctor suggested I add an extra scoop of powder of formula to her bottle. She's not really on a sleep schedule and pretty much sleeps when she wants and when she's tired but its usually around 6-8 hours a night.. should I wake her up to feed her? She's been gaining ounces but she's still underweight for her age (she's 6 months). She also pretty much only sleeps at night and is active until late at night then she sleeps until 8 or 9am.

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    Babies 6 months old generally don't need to be woken to be fed, that advice is usually given in relation to newborns who either have not regained their birth weight or are struggling to gain. However, with your daughter being underweight, you really should ask your ped for advice on this, not strangers on the internet. If your ped thinks a high-calorie formula is sufficient and you don't need to wake her, then follow your doctor's advice.

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    One of our daughters was born at an entirely normal weight, but by the time she was a year old, she was at about the 10th percentile. She moved between the 5th and 10th percentiles throughout her childhood. When she was four years old, she didn't gain any weight at all the first ten months of that year. Her pediatrician suggested adding calories to her food where we could, etc. - it did nothing. She was a busy girl like your daughter is, didn't sleep during the day, and was healthy and happy, just on the light side of the weight range for her age.

    No, you should not wake your child up to feed her. If she is healthy and happy and gaining (even if slowly), she is likely following her own unique growth curve.

    Our daughter ended up at an entirely average height and weight as an adult.

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    Is she maintaining the same percentage, or dropping? If she's maintaining, that's just her size. Bulking up her formula is just going to lead to problems.

    Personally, what I got out of this is that you need a new pediatrician who understands how percentages work. Low percentage does not automatically equate the need to overfeed.

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    Never wake up a baby. Unless it is to give her medicine that has to be given on a schedule.

    Babies will let you know what they want, believe me.I would give her a bit more powder in her formula, but chances are she isn't dying of starvation.

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