What is Salesforce FSL?

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  • 8 months ago

    Salesforce Field Service Lightning is a robust set of features that is used to set up a mobile-friendly field service hub in Salesforce. It provides users with tools that they need to manage work orders, scheduling, and their mobile workforce. To put it simply, Salesforce FSL is a mobile app and communications service that helps field workers like elevator mechanics and cable repair technicians manage their schedules and track their jobs. As reported by CNBC, since its release in 2016, Salesforce Field Service Lightning’s revenue reached around $100 million which makes this product the most successful and fastest growing product in the history of Salesforce. Salesforce FSL booked $14 million in new contracts in 2016 and $56 million in 2017. It might be a tiny part of the overall business but its quick expansion is already drawing the attention of market analysts.

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