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How come Geminis can't tell right from wrong?

Is it because they are amoral.

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  • Janet
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    8 months ago

    No two people with Sun in Gemini (born late May to late June) will be the same.

    And the Sun Sign is only 2% of the total astrological influence on a person ... it is the only one you can find without specific birth data (including exact minute of birth) and without a lot of calculations.

    Sun-sign astrology is just a commercial gimmick to make money off of people who don't understand astrology. It's not real astrology.

    So when you make assumptions based on only the Sun sign ... you are misinforming yourself, and this will cause you to make errors in your decisions. To your detriment.

    Either learn how to do up birthcharts for individuals and work with that ... or drop astrology altogether. Because Sun-sign astrology is just a scam, and when you base your understanding on Sun-signs, you are actually scamming yourself.

    Find out the exact moment YOU were born and enter that along with your full date of birth and your birth location at this site or any other site that does free birthcharts ... start doing REAL astrology. Or just drop astrology.

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