Has anyone had issues with their husband after a heart stent, like depression or them leaving their wives?

My husband had 2 heart stents, which was his first time having heart issues. Two weeks later, he goes missing for a day, won’t answer my calls, and takes $500 out of our bank account. He says that it is because he is depressed and emotional since his surgery. He claims that when he went missing, he went 2 hours to his home town down by the waterfront, got drunk, then stayed at a hotel. It took me forever to get these details out of him. We try and work things out. Two and a half weeks later I call the hotel where he supposedly stayed that night and they did not have a guest stay there by his name. When I confronted him, he got very angry and left me. I am still in shock and just don’t understand.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    apparently the surgery worked. he must have been feeling really frisky with that fresh blood supply flowing through his veins.

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  • 9 months ago

    The terror of realizing just how temporary we really are and how death may come expectantly can absolutely cause people to re-evaluate lots of aspects of their life.

    Hotels don't usually give out that information. Cops can get it. But hotels have no business at all giving out that information to people who randomly call up and inquire. No matter who they SAY they are. I think the running rule of thumb is to respond that no such guest by that name registered.

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  • 9 months ago

    Haven't had this happen to me but have heard of it before. It can affect them either way - for the better or for the worse. For most it has to do with suddenly facing their own mortality in a very real, scary way. That can effect them deeply.

    Some think that they have no more time to waste living an "average life" and go off the rails. Doing things they never would have before, because they aren't sure that they have time to experience "real life" before its too late. Like why save for the future if you are not sure you have one?

    Some are so grateful for the second chance they go all out to make amends for things that they believe they have done wrong, again before its too late. Hoping to make the life ahead better than what happened before.

    Some are so grateful to be alive they make the most of it by loving those that love them, being grateful for that opportunity.

    Very few suffer from oxygen loss during the heart attack or the operation, or suffer a stroke as well as the heart attack, and suffer through a personality change due to brain injury.

    It could be your husband had something going on before the heart attack that you were unaware of, even before this.Something that he no longer cares to hide anymore. It could be someone else or it could be a gambling addiction, or something else entirely.

    TALKING with him in a caring, concerned way might help him to help you understand where this is coming from. Then talking with the Heart Clinic for a referral to their Psychologist (most clinics will have one) so he can talk through what he is feeling and be made aware he is far from alone in this.

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