How do I make my resume look better. People keep telling me it looks unprofessional or not skilled?

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  • Pam
    Lv 6
    9 months ago

    Since we have no idea what your resume looks like, it would be impossible to advise you. We don't know if it's formatting, spelling errors, typos, etc. Find some examples online.

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  • 9 months ago

    Ok. FIRST ; and I am speaking as an HR person....You do not need a resume for flipping burgers. The fast food places and the retail places want you to apply on line for the entry level jobs.

    Second: Your name is fine - if that is your name. If that is not your name - please change it to YOUR name before you send it

    Third: Address line reads "Blank statement 12345 Beverly Hills California Don't have any number" No good. Get rid of the words "Blank Statement" Put in your full and correct address. FIND SOMEONE who will take calls for you and put that number in there with a note: please leave a message. (WHY??? Because if I cannot call you to come in for an interview, I am not going to hire you. No discussion. Period.)

    Fourth: Skills Summary - 'Looking for employment" is not a skill. Typing is a skill. Detailing cars is a skill. Heck..even washing dishes is a skill. If you have no skills...leave this off. IF YOU HAVE NO SKILLS LEAVE THIS OFF.

    Fifth: Education. - Attending PRIMARY SCHOOL. People ages 3 to 12 are in PRIMARY SCHOOL. It is illegal in most countries to hire a 12 year old. AND, in fact, most fast food places will not hire a person under 16. So if you are over 16, leave this off. and if you are under WILL NOT be hired by a fast food place...or any place because it is just too complicated to hire an underage person. Easier to hire a 70 year old retiree that doesn't have a lot of social life and doesn't have to go to school.

    And the 1.9 GPA is just terrible. that means you are just barely passing your means you have no common sense. Can't let someone around the cash register if they have no common sense.

    Take that off of your resume...unless you have a 3.0 or better...don't put your GPA.

    Sixth: Experience- That can stay. As a matter of fact, you should go back to that job and be ready to consider it your career.

    Seventh: Everything else on this resume can go. It is useless and it just serves to underline why the employer should not even consider you.

    So...if you are not a troll...(and..because this is the FIFTH time I have seen this question posted...I do believe you reside under bridges...)

    Either dump this resume (it IS useless) and apply on line or go to the Fiverr site and pay someone ten dollars to make you a real professional resume. this question again and I shall report you.

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  • Come up with better task descriptions just 'I flip burgers' is unprofessional sounding. You should also put employment dates for Burger King and the location of the place. Employment dates are basically when you started working there and to present, or when you stopped working there.

    'I don't got any references'... Also sounds unprofessional. Have references as available upon request and try to find some references.

    'I don't have achievements', looks like you're not ambitious and also not professional to put some thing like that on your resume. If you don't have an achievements or earned any awards leave it off.

    You're in school, that's all the employer needs to know. When you started school and if you're still in school or if / when you graduated. They don't have to know about your gpa.

    If you worked some where you should be able to get references from them. You can also get references from teachers in your school, neighbors, doctors or friends, that can vouch for you. Just ask whom ever you're going to use as a reference before you use them.

    If any one you know has written a decent resume before then ask them for some help writing one.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    STOP TROLL...............................

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  • Robin
    Lv 7
    9 months ago

    its all negative and no positive

    • april9 months agoReport

      How's it negative ?

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  • 9 months ago

    ask those people that tell you that

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