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How do I report Child Protective Services for not doing their job Right?

I reported this narcisissitic Leo mother and they don't know what they are doing. Should God give them strength?

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    Idk. Are you in healthcare? Generally as a pharmacist we don't report anything but we keep a diary of events and only report sexual abuse incidents when the child comes to us and gives us the details. If it is a stranger who was abusive then we speak with the parents (primary caregivers) and then report to police unless was in immediate danger if it was the primary caregiver we have to file report to social services or the police particularly if the child is in immediate danger.

    I haven't had any incidents so far. Sorry to hear that.

    If it is for neglect I.e. the mother neglects the child by not feeding him etc (is a narcissist) or taking care of the child's health then first we must report to psychology or even your manager and then they contact social services. Hope this helps.

    Psychologists will help the mother change her ways and help her from say the 'burdens' of being a mother, particularly if the mother is poor. If she's not poor and neglecting is going to be more difficult.

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    I guess you have to decide which god you should invoke for strength

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  • 9 months ago

    go over their heads

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