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What do women feel about growing up in a sexist society?

Ever saw a strip club that only had naked women? ever walked into a store that only had playboy, not playgirl?ever seen a movie that only showed naked women?

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    Personally, I have no interest in seeing nude men in strip clubs, Playgirl, or the movies. Nude women are used in strip clubs, Playboy and movies to profit off men. If women really cared about "equality" in these areas, they would do something about it. I don't see women rallying tor more male nudity anywhere.

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    mostly we just dont care

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    Reverse everything for at least a few decades and you'll understand. See how soon it takes you to get tired of seeing far too much of other men in ways you don't want to be constantly subjected to all the time.

    Imagine if every film took any opportunity it could to show a male actor naked. So many movies do exactly that to women, and where is the rightfully deserved reverse? I get tired of being shown other women's boobs, etc in a film, etc all the time that really would have been just fine without it. Imagine if it was all *****. Every R film has a dick shot, even if they have to make up an excuse for it. Every hot male actor HAS to have a shower scene, because reasons.

    Girls today at least have it a little easier that they can look up all the free pics, etc of naked men they want online. Porn still annoyingly tends to be aimed everyone EXCEPT straight women -- we, and what we like to see, apparently don't exist. Men will never know what it's like to grow up in a time, pre-modern internet, when as a teen you come across something pornographic and 99% of the time it disappoints without even one gimps of what you actually wanted to see.

    Yes, being treated like we don't exist, have needs and likes, and aren't a worthy audience to cater to is frustrating.

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    It can be frustrating, for sure. Constantly seeing women sexualized on tv, in movies, and even on billboards (see: Hooters) can be annoying and disheartening. But it’s empowering to see all the strides women’s rights activists are making. Right now a lot of people say and think a lot of horrible and sexist things, but I’m confident in the future it will be better! :)

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    I'm a guy and I'd like to pose nude for playgirl myself. I have a handsome face, I'm tall, and have nice hair and abs.

    Only issue is I'm quite small down there. I'm sure the ladies will still love what they see though.

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    Complain some more. I was amusing myself.

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